About XS Items


The company was the brainchild of two of our founders; Cliff Haviland and Leonard Dorr.

In the summer of 2004, they were lounging around a pool in Florida and discussing successful concepts that could be transposed from the US to the UK. One of those concepts was the recent phenomenon of eBay Trading Assistants; companies set up to sell items on behalf of individuals, businesses and charities on eBay's rapidly growing global platform.

As with many good ideas, day to day and operational priorities took precedence, and the idea was left undeveloped.

In 2005, Ian Montgomery approached Cliff (a previous work colleague) with the intent to develop a new business venture.

Cliff outlined the opportunity and secured Ian's interest.

In September 2005, XS Items was launched in Chelmsford, Essex, initially targeting the domestic marketplace. As with all ground breaking concepts, there have been many developments, tweaks and enhancements along the way. Gareth Millar joined soon after Ian and completed the quartet of shareholders and business founders.

We are now based in Colchester, Essex and concentrate solely on the commercial, business and industrial marketplace.

The past few years have shown what a terrific idea was concocted around that Florida swimming pool, and we are still learning and enjoying our involvement in a fast moving, developing market place. Perhaps in a few more we will all be around that pool!

Our Values

We asked our employees to think about the kind of values they believe XS Items stood for. The following statements are their responses.

Honesty, Integrity and Fairness

In all of our dealings with our customers, employees, team members, suppliers and stakeholders we will uphold these values of honesty, integrity and fairness.

Always Striving for Excellence

We will strive to be the best in everything we do. We will be open about our mistakes and learn from them. We will think about what we do and strive to come up with continuous improvements, no matter how small.

Teamwork and Sustainability

We will work together to make XS Items more successful and a sustainable long-term business to benefit all of our futures.



    We are one of the top 10 independent sellers on eBay, and professionally list, photograph and manage auctions for our clients.

    We have a growing store on Amazon, listing all types of consumer and office electronics.