The story behind XS Items Ltd

The origin of XS Items was a result of a discussion between two of our founders; Cliff Haviland and Leonard Dorr.

In the summer of 2004, they were relaxing around a swimming pool in Florida and discussing successful business models that could be transposed from the US to the UK. One of those ideas was the recent phenomenon of eBay Trading Assistants; companies set up to sell items on behalf of individuals, businesses and charities on eBay’s rapidly growing global platform.

As with many good discussions, day to day and operational priorities took precedence, and the idea was left undeveloped.

In 2005, Ian Montgomery, another co-founder, approached Cliff (a previous work colleague) with an interest in developing a new business venture.

Cliff outlined the opportunity and secured Ian’s commitment together with Gareth Millar who was already working with Cliff.

For the next 5 months, Cliff, Len, Gareth and Ian worked on the business plan and launch of XS Items.

In September 2005, XS Items was brought to market in Chelmsford, Essex, offering an eBay drop shop service, predominantly to individual customers.  This was rapidly expanded to operations in Sudbury, Colchester and Ipswich.

As with all ground-breaking concepts, there have been many developments, tweaks and enhancements along the way.

We are now based in a combined office/warehouse facility in Colchester, Essex and concentrate solely on the commercial, business and industrial marketplace.

The past few years have shown what a terrific idea was concocted around that Florida swimming pool, and we are still learning and enjoying our involvement in a fast moving, developing marketplace.

We are now handling over £25m worth of stock on a yearly basis and expanding our range of channels to optimise financial returns for our partners.

Why work with XS Items?

We have more than


Years industry experience

We’ve Partnered with over


Successful clients

We sell over


items of stock per year

We have transacted over


of stock

What our clients say

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“Ian & his team at XS Items have at all stages engaged with us in a friendly & professional manner, ensuring we have all the information we need to make decisions promptly.

I cannot recommend XS Items highly enough when it comes to dealing with the issue of handling & monetarising customer returns.”

Graeme Bradbury

GM ROW / Global Head Of Sales


Tria Beauty

“XS Items are great to work with and their expertise have been invaluable.

We look forward to continuing our partnership together and delivering further growth.”


John Thornhill

E-Commerce Activation Lead

Perfetti Van Melle

“Ian and the team at XS Items have made the process remarkably straight forward, they have created great content for our products and represent the brand exactly how we would want.

As a result of this we have seen a quick turnaround and strong sales through the refurbished channel.”


Will Hindle 

Head of Business Operations at Beam Group



“We have been working in partnership with XS Items since 2016.

They have worked with us to develop a warranty repair service as well as managing our marketplace sales.

Their professionalism and responsiveness are second to none and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship.”


Richard Williams

Sales and Operations Director



“We are thrilled to be working with XS to give more children the opportunity to scoot.  The team at XS are professional, reliable and simply great at what they do. “


Ben Gibson,

Managing Director

Micro Scooters

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