Case Studies

We have an extensive track record of working with large and small business clients. Below is a selection of the innovative ways we have been able to release value for businesses like yours.

High Street Department Store

A national retailer was disposing of customer returns and ex-display stock through wholesale auctions and jobbers, providing a return on RRP of 1% - 10%. This was insufficient to offset the costs of their reverse logistics operation.

Our Approach

XS Items, applying its knowledge and experience, designed and implemented a process that easily identified items suitable for the retail auction market.

Our Results

By identifying suitable items, undertaking minor refurbishment and then developing innovative selling strategies, XS Items has increased the overall return threefold.

This has enabled the client to focus on the processing of suitable items, whilst increasing the amount of revenue generated and providing a substantial offset against their reverse logistics cost base.

National Furniture Retailer

Our client was keen to find a way to sell returned stock and ex-display items as they employ very exacting quality and customer service standards. They needed to achieve this without damaging the brand integrity of their very high quality furniture. This ruled out normal channels such as discount sales or use of sales outlets.

Our Approach

XS Items was able, through retail auctions, to provide a sales channel that is sufficiently separated from their main channel so as to not erode the reputation of the brand. In addition XS Items has been attaining up to 70% of original RRP, outperforming expectations.

Our Results

The client is now substantially increasing the volume as well as range of items that XS Items handle on their behalf and are incorporating the approach into their channel strategy.

Major Regional Transport Provider

Our client operates one of the busiest networks in the country. They have a substantial lost property organisation that collects hundreds of items every week. A substantial amount of the lost property goes unclaimed and provides both a cost and management headache for the organisation.

Our Approach

By working closely with the client, XS Items has drawn up a matrix of suitable items. These are carefully sorted, data cleansed and sold via online auctions. In addition, because of the sensitive nature of the contract, XS Items protects the anonymity of the client as well as undertaking all of the data cleansing in-house, ensuring absolute discretion is upheld.

Our Results

Through XS Items the client has been successful in being able to dispose of large numbers of unrecoverable items both freeing up storage space in its lost property offices and providing a valuable offset to its operational costs.

International Haulier

Our client operates out of the busiest dock in England. Stranded consignments provide a drain on costs, management time and resources, therefore speed is of the essence.

Our Results

XS Items were able to take a number of loads and process them within the timeframes and to exacting standards. In addition, sufficient revenue was generated to cover the logistics and management costs of the stranded consignments.

Coffee Shop Chain

Our client was undertaking a significant refurbishment of their complete operation. Cafe furniture, kitchen equipment, coffee machines, safes and tills were all included in items to be disposed of.

Our Results

Working closely with our client, XS Items established suitable lots, took photographs in situ of those items not suitable for storage and arranged for pick ups where necessary. All items were disposed of within the time frame and with minimal disruption to the client.

National Retailer

Our client had end of line (EOL) stock that required clearing as new, seasonal stock was due in. Offers from clearance houses were extremely low (less than 10%) so XS Items were engaged to improve on the potential financial return.

Our Results

By developing a comprehensive multi-channel, multi-listing strategy, XS Items were able to increase returns in excess of 30% whilst maintaining a high level of sales achieving the clients objectives in terms of speed and cash generated.

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