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This multi awarding winning micro children’s range is used by millions on the school run every day.  The Micro Scooter is the original aluminium scooter that changed the world.  Robust, simple to use and fun.  Still innovating today and now including adult and electric scooters.

Challenge and Objectives

As the premium scooter brand in the UK the team at Micro knew that not all families would be able to use and enjoy their products.  Micro’s mission is simple – to make everyday journeys better for people and planet.  But they needed some help to ensure a wider variety of children and their families could enjoy the benefits of scooting.  As Micro Scooters are made with replaceable parts – each scooter can be refurbished and revitalised to be enjoyed by more children.  However, Micro UK were and still are a small team and needed some help to realise their vision.

Our Approach and Partnership Strategy

XS Items developed a unique refurbishment process to restore the scooters to a varying range of conditions; used, refurbished and as new.  This enabled the partnership to add value by giving more children and their families the opportunity to own a robust scooter.

In addition, XS Items was able to offer their expert marketplace management skills to resell the stock ensuring minimal channel conflict.

Our Results

Ongoing success in the refurbishment and resale process has now moved into Micro Scooters electric scooter range which is predicted to grow significantly over the next few years.

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