Our Service

We cover all types of reverse logistics including; excess stock, customer returns, redundant machinery and equipment. In fact anything with a resale value of £50 or more is covered within our solutions.

Excess Stock

In the fast moving environment of UK retail it is vital for High Street operators to be able to free up shelves for incoming stock. We are able to take any end of line, excess and slow moving stock and rapidly convert it into revenue.

Customer Returns

In order to compete in today's service based environment, many companies offer generous returns policies. One side effect of this is that they are often saddled with items that are simply not suitable for resale via the traditional routes. XS Items will take this 'problem' stock, evaluate and repair if economic and sell online to either the end user or a secondary market for repair.

Redundant Machinery/Equipment

Machinery and equipment are constantly being updated and replaced. By offering access to a national/global community, XS Items can provide a lucrative route compared to local or regional outlets.

Brand Protection

XS Items sits between its client and the purchaser of the goods. For all intents and purposes XS Items is the seller of the goods - although in reality we sell on behalf of the clients we represent. This set up ensures that the client's brand is removed from the point of purchase ensuring its integrity is kept in place.


We offer a transparent audit trail for all of our items from the point of receipt to the point of despatch. In addition we can provide financial return statements and sales analysis.


Typically we report on a monthly or project basis. These reports are tailored to your requirements and we provide analysis on; type of product, financial return against cost or RRP, sales type and location. We have over 20 variables to provide detailed analysis of your stock.



    We are one of the top 10 independent sellers on eBay, and professionally list, photograph and manage auctions for our clients.

    We have a growing store on Amazon, listing all types of consumer and office electronics.