Delivering The Best Financial Return and Managing Your Brand Integrity

XS Items optimises your recovery value on all types of reverse logistics including: excess stock, customer returns and redundant machinery. As one of the TOP 10 INDEPENDENT SELLERS ON EBAY, and with a growing operation on AMAZON, we offer a unique alternative to traditional salvage. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your reverse logistics.

Excess Stock

Space is at a premium and product life-cycles are shrinking. Freeing up valuable shelf space is imperative. XS Items acts quickly and decisively to return the money you have invested in stock.

Returned Stock

Increased pressure on retailers to offer ever more generous refund policies results in items that cannot be resold through traditional channels. XS Items acts as a innovative, anonymous channel disposing of all types of returns.

Refurbished Stock

Machinery and equipment are constantly being updated and replaced. By offering access to both national and global communities, XS Items can provide a lucrative route compared to local or regional outlets.

Market Trial

We optimise recovery value by employing data-based selling strategies, and utilising our extensive online sales experience. We do this efficiently by utilising XpertSeller, our online business management system.

The XS Items

We are experienced in selling many different products.

We offer a trial to ensure objectives are aligned with logistical, sales strategy and volumes guidelines in place.  Once the trial data is analysed it provides the basis for a long-term partnership.



    The company was the brainchild of two of our founders; Cliff Haviland and Leonard Dorr.

    In the summer of 2004, they were lounging around a pool in Florida and discussing successful concepts that could be transposed from the US to the UK. One of those concepts was the recent phenomenon of eBay Trading Assistants; companies set up to sell items on behalf of individuals, businesses and charities on eBay's rapidly growing global platform.