XS Items Management Team


Top left, Gareth Millar, Operations Director. Top right, Luke Marshall, Testing & Refurbishment Manager. Bottom right, Ian Montgomery, Managing Director. Centre Katherine Montgomery, Director. Bottom Left, Keiron Donovan, Operations Manager.


The XS Items Management Team has over 70 years of ecommerce experience, focused mainly on marketplace development. It is responsible for both the strategic direction and operational management of the organisation. Prior to joining XS Items, the team were involved in retail, computing refurbishment, telecoms and export sales, providing a diverse and multi-disciplined approach to the day to day management of the business. The team are all shareholders in the business and are a mixture of co-founders and individuals who joined in the early stages of the company’s history, hence all have contributed heavily and continue to contribute, to the culture and development of the organisation.

Warehouse Team

Our warehouse team are responsible for the storage and fulfilment for all orders from our eBay, Amazon, OnBuy and Backmarket online stores.

Accuracy and attention to detail are key to their operation and effective packaging guidelines are followed with a strong focus on the utilisation of sustainable materials.

Courier partners include Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, Kinetic and Pallet Plus providing a range of on time delivery services.


Refurb Team

Our qualified in-house refurb team are responsible for all the repairs and refurbishment for partners such as Bissell, Blue Air Purifiers, Micro Scooters, Tria Beauty and Sage Appliances. They pride themselves on their detailed product knowledge and interest in keeping up with the most current technologies.

Due to the high quality of work they produce, they are able to maximise recovery of product that would otherwise go to landfill.

Through the efforts of this team we have attained approval to the certified refurbished programmes on eBay, Amazon and Backmarket.

Tech Team

Our team of Tech specialist have a wide range of skills and tackle everything from smartphones to tablets, laptops to cameras and smart watches to desktop computers.

Everything from full software reinstalls to component replacement is covered within their remit. Their focus is on providing high quality refurbished units for resale through our marketplaces.

The team also runs our local repair service offering high quality, fast tech repairs to customers in Colchester and surrounding area.

Customer Services Team


Our team is focused on providing the top level of customer support across all our marketplaces.  They are In charge of managing customer enquires effectively and efficiently at all times.  They are also responsible for  dealing with any returns and work closely with all of our marketplaces to ensure the highest level of customer service is delivered.

Content Creation and Partnership Management



The team is responsible for creating compelling content, including copy, images, design, marketplace selection and promotional strategies to position our partners’ brands appropriately.

This team is also responsible for sourcing new opportunities and partnerships and transforming these in to long term, mutually beneficial contractual relationships.













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