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We’re open and transparent about all our processes. It’s what gives leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors the confidence to forge long-term trading relationships with us.

Do you have a query about any of our reverse logistics services? Or perhaps you are wondering how we help businesses to generate much-needed space and income to reinvest in their operations going forward? Browse our most frequently asked questions from prospective partners like you.

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1. What is the benefit of using XS Items Ltd?

We offer a fastrack service to assist our partners in identifying and maximising the opportunity marketplaces provide. The direct benefit to our partners is a hassle free, outsourced revenue line delivered by marketplace experts.

2. How does your service work?

Consignment selling is our bread and butter for most partners. We charge a commision on the resale price of every item we sell. Typically, our larger partners are happy to work to a monthly billing cycle.

3. How do you keep track of the items you sell?

Our proprietary in-house management system gives us full oversight of our Partners items from the moment they arrive at our warehouse to the point of settling the account.

4. What type of items do you sell?

Since 2005, we have listed and sold a broad variety of stock for our partners, spanning consumer electronics, home and garden furniture, consumables as well as clothing through to computing, networking accessories, designer handbags and power tools.

5. How do you set a resale price?

We undertake detailed market research and analysis to establish the most effective listings strategy.  We then deploy a market trial to test descriptions, keywords, promotional and listing variables to live test the best approach. Our analysis of the detailed sales data is then used to define the marketplace sales strategy for our partners.

6. Do you purchase stock?

Primarily we sell consignments on behalf of our partners. However, we have developed our stock purchase arm for targeted end of line and refurbished products.

7. Do you charge for your services up front?

We operate a “success-based” revenue share arrangement with our partners. This means our objectives are fully aligned to achieve the best synergy.

8. What is the financial return on products?

We focus on cost recovery for our partners. Therefore, we tend to measure the return versus the actual cost price of the item as opposed to the RRP. Although the average percentage is product-specific, our current recovery rates range from 30% to 100% of the cost price.

9. How does your idoocommerce service work?

To give our partners the best possible route to market, we’ve developed our new idoocommerce platform, giving retailers, manufacturers and distributors a direct to consumer connection. Our idoocommerce strategy is the ideal option for businesses keen to mitigate the risks of investing in their own direct-to-consumer marketplace online.

10. Where do you sell?

We are in the top 10 independent traders on eBay UK, and we sell across a range of other online marketplaces such as Amazon, onBuy , Backmarket, Thompson and Morgan and Wowcher. We are constantly monitoring new marketplace opportunities to maximise visibility for our partners.

11. Do you drop ship?

Our normal working practise is to hold the stock in our Colchester warehouse however depending on system and logistical integration we are able to offer drop shipping as an option.

12. Am I able to sell anonymously?

We understand that many companies wish to avoid potential channel conflict. Therefore we are able to offer this as a service as the product is sold under the banner of XS Items Ltd.

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